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Hand Tied Extensions

Hand tied extensions is a method that attaches wefts of hair to your natural hair to give you more volume and length. It doesn’t require any tape or glue, instead they are attached with beads and thread to your natural hair. 
I exclusively use the Invisible Bead Extension method on my clients. I’ve been trained and certified in multiple methods, but  IBE is the only method that I have found that ensures the integrity of your hair and scalp by equally distributing the weight of the wefts over the entire row, which means no breakage or hair loss.
With IBE the beads are hidden inside the wefts, so if the wind blows or if you wear your hair in a ponytail, all you see is hair… no bands, tapes or beads!
IBE is also amazingly comfortable! I’ve worn extensions on and off for years, and this is the only method I’ve tried that I’m not dealing with headaches, painfully tight connections, or trouble sleeping on them. 

Volume & Length

Extensions aren’t just for giving you long hair. Quite a few of my clients, myself included, use extensions just for volume and fullness.
If your hair is thin, scraggly at the ends or you just can’t do the styles that you’d like to wear, extensions can solve that for you.
Sometimes one row of extensions is all that is needed for you to achieve the look you want.

Maintenance & Upkeep

Maintaining your extensions on a daily basis is pretty simple and not too different from your natural hair. You’ll find that you are able to spend less time styling since extensions hold their style better. You can also usually go a few days between curling and straightening and you will also wash it less, since the extensions absorb some of the natural oil from your scalp.
Using products that keep your hair hydrated is a must! We want to keep everything moisturized and happy to help extend the life of your extensions. We will provide you with some options that we recommend to keep your hair in its best condition.
Your extensions will need a maintenance move-up periodically. It’s like your hair color- as your hair grows and we refresh your root color, we also need to move-up your extensions. We usually suggest 6 to 10 weeks for a move-up.
During your move-up appointment, your extensions are completely removed and reinstalled. Please come to the appointment with freshly washed hair, or we can add on a shampoo and styling if you’d like for an additional cost.

Hair & Brands

We are partnered with the exclusive hair extension brands: The Reserve, Kitsune®, One by IBE, and Frame & Thread; and are proud to provide you with the highest quality hair extensions available on the market. These brands have lots of options for not only hair color, but also hair texture and density, and we will personally match you with what we think is best. We are also a Davines salon and carry the exclusive Goldie Locks brand. We highly recommend both of their products lines for the health and longevity of your hair and extensions.

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