We’re so excited you’re here and can’t wait to see you in the salon! Since this is your first time here, we wanted to show you around, and let you know what to expect. 

Getting the hair you’ve always wanted is easy, here’s WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT:

Consult Appointment

  • Discuss extension goals
  • Decide on length, fullness, number of rows
  • Color match

Installation Appointment

  • Custom coloring of your hair*
  • Installation of hair extensions
  • Cutting and blending of hair and extensions
  • Styling
  • Photos
  • *If agreed upon during consult

Maintenance Appointment

  • Remove extensions
  • Refresh hair and or extension color if needed
  • Reinstall extensions
  • Styling
  • Photos

Shampoo and style not included unless we are refreshing color

For your first appointment …

We’d like a few extra minutes so that we can discuss your hair. If you’d like to bring some photos, that’d be great.

Booking an appointment is super simple. For this first time, we’ll start with a new client consult, and then in the future you’ll go straight to the specific service you’re due for.

​At the end of your initial consult, we will collect a retainer fee for your installation appointment, which is non-refundable and non transferrable. The fee is 50% of your final total.

​We personally approve each appointment to make sure that we have adequate time- you will be receiving a conformation text and a welcome text letting you know that your appointment is all set.

Our salon is located directly in the middle of the shopping center, with a black and white sign overhead. Once you come in, we’ll start our consult. We’ll talk about what you love about your hair, any challenges you’re having, and what your goals are. Next we’ll discuss any changes you’d like to make and we’ll let you know the timeframe, maintenance, price and upkeep you can expect.

Then comes the fun part, doing your hair!

So let’s get started


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